Spirtualist, Psychic Adviser, Palm Reader, Tarot Card Reader, Crystal Readings

Christina will do all she can to bring your life back to order.

Christina has been answering people's questions for over twenty-five years. She helps those who are confused about situations they feel are beyond their control? She provides helpful advice on love, marriage, business, jobs, troubles at home. She teaches those who are troubled how to overcome their fear.

You may find that her psychic ability will confort you and allow you to remove the stress in your life. Under her coaching, you can learn how to block your karma so you can balance your life. Typically people who learn from Christina return regularly to maintain that balance.

She Helps You To Help Yourself

Learning how to use your own intuitiveness is a road to helping yourself. Most skills, regardless if they are work or personal skills, must be learned. Christina will help you bring your intuitiveness to your conscious self where it can help to guide your day-to-day life.

For example, learning how take control of a stressful situation is one of the most important skills she teaches. She knows that many if not most people are not able to do this when there is stress in their life.

A Special Gift

From as far back as she can recall, she had the ability to acquire knowledge about people she meets. It wasn't until she believed in her ability of future insight that she could offer her services to others.

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

Her approach to Psychic therapy includes helping people to balance the three aspects of their life: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual