Palm Reading$50.00
Tarot Card Reading$75.00
Psychic Reading$125.00
Crystal Reading$225
Cleansing$750 and up

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Palm Reading

Palm reading is for people who have an interest in knowing about their past and presence. Through the lines on the palm, Christina provides clarity about what is ahead for them. She can provide insite about a persons childhood, their later success and what they could expect in the future.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading uses the cards to gain insight into the present and future situations. Christina believes the cards are guided by a spiritual force, while others believe the cards help them tap into a collective unconscious or their own creative, brainstorming subconscious.

Psychic Reading:

Christina provides guidance to capture the feeling of life. She will help you with: Love, health, marriage, business and help advice and information about people they know and wish to learn about.

Crystal Reading

Crystal Reading is for people who want to gain access to their higher-self and to become more intuitive about themself. Christina will pickup their spiritual vibrations and teach the person how to access this inner capability.


Cleansing is for people who want to regain their spiritual, emotional and physical balance. The cleansing process consists of several consultations and uses awakening exercizes that are unique to the person because each person is unique.

Life Coach Healer

Christina uses her Higher Self to remove negative energy that cause a spiritual block. Regardless if the negative energy you are experiencing is from relationships, family issues, divorce,legal, children, addiction or finding a job, she will help to re-balance your emotional condition.

She helps you balance your Spirtual, Emotional and Pysical energy and then teaches you how to take control of your life.